Dispersive Consulting - Our Story and ‘Access-driven’ Service Offering

The founding story of Dispersive Consulting is one of resilience, sheer determination and a resounding belief in the power of accounting and financial knowledge in small businesses. 

We believe that accounting services should be accessible and affordable to all business owners in order to empower them to make smarter, well informed decisions about their businesses. 

Our name ‘Dispersive’ represents the purpose of our business – to spread good accounting services to as many people as possible. 

We identified a large gap in the professional accounting services market, for more inclusive, efficient and accurate services from accounting firms who would be willing to partner and grow with their clients and take on the role of a trusted business advisor on a monthly, service based approach.  Since 2012, we have worked with many South Africa businesses across different sectors and industries in order to ensure that we can provide this excellent service and advise different business owners on how to grow their businesses using accounting and compliance.  We use daily bookkeeping and monthly accountability coaching to help our clients gauge the progress of their businesses and ensure that they have a clear understanding of their finances. 

Our service offering has been carefully developed with the changing needs of small – medium sized enterprises in mind. We therefore provide business owners with services that target the 3 critical pillars of your business: 

  • The Owner: Our advisory services allow business owners and entrepreneurs to gain Business financial understanding for growth, thus acting as a trusted business advisor.
  • The Business: Our secretariat and Tax services allow  the business to be compliant with SARS, CIPC and the Department of Labour which is critical for business continuity. We ensure that your business remains compliant on an ongoing basis. 
  • The Staff: Our Payroll Management services take care of the financial wellness of your employees who contribute to your bottomline. We manage your employee payroll, PAYE, UIF submissions, payslip and go to the extent of helping employers obtain and structure employee benefits. 

At Dispersive Consulting, we do more than just accounting, tax and business support, we join our clients on their business growth journey because we understand that we are no different from our clients. We know that our services ensure that our clients are able to create jobs, support their families and uplift society. 

Dispersive Consulting is an accounting, tax and advisory firm whose mission is to help a minimum of 300 business owners on a monthly basis to operate profitable businesses. Accounting and a good understanding of business finance empowers business owners to make smarter, more informed decisions about their businesses.  

We are the accountants you can count on. 

For more information and or to enquire about our service offerings for your business, contact us on:

Tel: No: 0116557322 
Mobile: 068 0064 222
Email: info@dispersive.co.za
Web: www.dispersive.co.za 

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