About Us

About Us

Dispersive Consulting possesses extensive experience enabling the firm to provide quality advice to its clients.

Dispersive consulting identified a need for more inclusive, efficient, accurate service focused providers who are willing to partner and grow with business owners and take on a role of a trusted business advisor on a monthly service-based approach.

Since 2012 Dispersive Consulting (Pty) LTD now works with multiple SME’s in South Africa across all industries.

Dispersive Consulting aims to always maintain the upmost levels of services for our customers and strives to place itself at the forefront of Accounting Tax and Advisory Services within the Accounting industry.

We make daily efforts to be rooted in our core principles which are working with Integrity, producing quality work based on the prescribed accounting standards and Tax laws and striving daily for excellence.

Our expertise

Dispersive Consulting’s mission is to help our clients build and develop sustainable, profitable businesses. Accounting is key to the success of every business, and this is our focus area in your company. We create a free flow and simplified external and at times internal finance department for your company.

We use accounting to record and report to business owners and stakeholders, helping them gauge the progress of their businesses. We apply accounting to comply with the Tax, labour and company laws.

Our emphasis is on daily bookkeeping and monthly accountability and compliance, which helps every stakeholder have a peace of mind and enables them to focus in creating business with a clear knowledge of the finances.


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